The Diamond Race chapter 12 take a break!
The Diamond Race
chapter 12 take a break! blackpink stories
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ganyu_loveu ~The 2nd secretary to the Liyue Qixing~
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the diamond race chapter 12 take a break!
a new year special

The Diamond Race chapter 12 take a break!

were having a meltdown to the mission the police department said there not enough clues to arrested jisoo for that

if we can not get the diamond quickly were doom so we need to stay all day for the mission


our agency said that we can take a break today new year were so happy that our agency care about us

well twice when to the mall red velvet buy fireworks uh bts just cook food while you your just thinking about the diamond and blackpink

did i just started feeling something is missing in my life like a puzzle pieces was missing from the board

it my life endless like a ocean and falls over you

im done to myself im finding the real me

well after New year to be exact

well goodbye 2019 and hello 2020

woah don't you leave i known that 2020 is currently coming and 2019 is closing were in a decade now in this world

well you thinking my new year resolutions well...

i just want to graduate from elementary so bad and make upload every Saturday and Sunday in January

im gonna say thank you to all who reads my story and a happy new year bye!

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