Please Be Safe
Please Be Safe  corona virus stories
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ganyu_loveu ~The 2nd secretary to the Liyue Qixing~
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A guide about coronavirus

Please Be Safe

The world is now in danger even you are include

Have you hear about Coronavirus?

Well if you say no well let me explain about this Virus

It a Virus that like other Virus have alot of those little teeny tiny worm Note:sorry about that thing i don't remember the name

But this Virus have a special thing that many Virus don't have

Im not yet sure this is official but it Airborne it just the news keep calling like that

Well any question?

I forget how to be safe from this virus so you can be safe

First and best eating vitamin C fruits or those little chewable vit C

But that not it yet if you're a adult and need to buy something helpful Wears a face mask when going out because it so scary without a face mask

Washing your hand If you're a child like me (im just 11) then you are just praticing washing your hand And maybe using hygiene too can be effective too just be clean yourself

Maybe should i do part 2 Part 2 is gonna be how to entertain yourself during quaratine Yes maybe if somebody will agree and comment below

Yep until next time bye Keep safe

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