Dating the Forbidden pt 31
Dating the Forbidden pt 31 dating the forbidden stories
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gangcat7 don't JUDGE me unless your PERFECT
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Sorry guys no pictures on this on but it's all Kayla's point of view anyway enjoy and leave a like!!!

Dating the Forbidden pt 31

Kayla's pov As I looked into his eyes I could tell he was embarrassed and shy his body relaxed and calm I could tell he was happy here with me. "So um I have a question...." I say nervous of the answer "Okay shoot." He said looking into my eyes.

" Well what are we are we dating or are we just friends?" I ask as you grab my hand and take time to think about the question. Suddenly you pull me in and give me a swift hard kiss. I am surprised but I still don't pull away from you instead I kiss you back. You wrap your arms around me pulling me closer.

We're in the kiss for so long our ice-cream lay forgotten on the ground. You pull away and say "There does that answer you question." Your eyes sparkle and you pull me in for one last kiss before we get up and leave.

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