Dating the Forbidden pt 30
Dating the Forbidden pt 30 dating the forbidden stories
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Dating the Forbidden pt 30

A couple days after the incident

Draven: u felling ok? yea why? :Kayla Draven : Just checking <3 i'm lonely :Kayla Draven: Coming over now Ok ^^:Kayla

We had been texting for awhile now. I don't know whats going on between us but sometimes if feels as if we're more than friends. It's just really weird. "Knock, Knock." I rush downstairs and answer the door. Draven is standing there with a bouquet of flowers. "Hey um i was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with me?" He said blushing and smiling. "I would love to!"

We got in Draven rental car and drove to the movie theater. Draven was holding my hand again his skin felt warm and soft just like they did at the trail. "So what movie do you wanna see?" i asked excitedly "You'll see it's a surprise." he said. When we get to the movie theater Draven buys the tickets and leads me inside. We stop by the concession stand and i even offer to pay for the snacks when he says

"No way i'm not letting my lady pay on our first date." He says as he leans in and kisses my cheek. I can feel my cheeks turning pink. Draven smiles and says "One large popcorn extra butter and two cream sodas please." Ounce the lady behind the counter gives us the food we head into a theater room. We sit down as the credits begin to play. As i sit i realize we're about to watch a romantic comedy

After i realize this i snuggle closer to Draven as he puts his arm around my shoulder. We eat our popcorn and watch the movie. ~************~ After the movie we walk to the park and get ice cream "I never knew you like romantic comedies?" I say smiling "Yeah i kinda have a soft spot for them." He said

To be continued

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