Zodiac Air Signs and me.
Zodiac Air Signs and me. zodiac stories

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By ganesh_bani

Zodiac Air Signs and me.

by ganesh_bani

Gemini: I got a best friend and a brother that are both Gemini. The best friend is a female and my bro is a male. Both of them and I have way different relationships😂. My lil bro be getting on my nerves and my bestie be the supportive and good to talk with but the thing they both have in common is that they know how to behave in different situations.

Libra: My mother and other brother are both libras, there are more but imma stick these two. My relationship with them too are different. My mother is sometimes bossy and my brother isn't. My mother is the worst secret keeper while my brother isn't. Basically their the opposite but they both know how to get the job done the easy way.

Aquarius: Now my relationships with Aquarius are both as lovers. They are my exes though. They both handle situations good and obtain their goals however, they both have weird, but to me cute, ways to get their. Mia tho is the better of the two😊, I just hope he goals we have WILL HAPPEN.

So yeah the thing I notice with these Signs are that they act differently even though they are all Air signs, they all unpredictable and great to talk with, they are also good at goal oriented when it comes to something they really want but they way they get there is unconventional but IDC i love it.

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