The Resilient Ravenclaw, Part 1
The Resilient Ravenclaw, Part 1 ravenclaw stories

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smart, tactial and clever; triats of the ravenclaw and the main character.

The Resilient Ravenclaw, Part 1

Ellie Rode is the name of the most intelligent child in her entire village. Her vast knowledge is due to her having 'Savant Syndrome', sadly accompanied by her also having 'Autism'.

Ellie would spend her time reading book and staying away from her peers and friends. Ellie thought they wouldn't understand her due her Autism. Due to that, the numerous books she read added to her intelligence.

At the age of 10 she was already graduated from a University and was the only one in decades to ever to do this.

At the age of 11, she had the knowlege of a 65 year old professor teaching for 12 years. She had no use for Schools no more but due to the law of child labour, she couldn't get a job. That was not a problem because she still had a lot more to learn.

Ellie started manifesting her powers right after her 11th Birthday and its was the only thing that baffled her mind.

Her power was 'Motivation'. If she really wants something badly, it would show up right away. Her first wish was to be Autism free, and within a second she felt this rush of energy within herself. She then ran to her parents and finally, after so many years, hugged them fearless and happily.

She then ran out the door and wished to perminantly be everyone's friend. This wish is something she later regret and here's why.

Everyone on the road, in vehicle and doing their jobs, ran to her and called out to her. They then started to fight among themselves about whose Ellie's best friend and then somone screamed in pain and as all this had happened, Ellie ran back indoors.

As she did there was a man there talking with her mom.

As she did there was a man there talking with her mom. He was wearing a trench coat and bearly had skin showing.

" Ellie dear, I got great news for you. This man here says there is a school that teaches a topic you don't know about," said Ellie's mom, "Really, well thank you Sir but at the moment I can't go with you," relpied Ellie struggling to close the door the she entered from.

The man the stood up and ask Ellie in most calm and familiar voice, "What happened, what did you do?" "i just said' I perminantly want to be everone's friend' and I think I know know to fix it but i need help."

"Mom just in case this isn't fixed i have to admit something. Ihave superpowers. Icould get whatever I want so long as I have a strong determinatio-" "I know dear, this gentleman told me everything." "Hello there Ellie, my name is Sir Andrew Camrow. I am here to tell you that you have been enrolled at Chropo Academia."

"At Chropo Academia you would learn to control that very power you talk about and learn how to use to use it to sore as high as eagle and attain your dreams," continued Sir as he stretches out his hand for a handshake. "Sorry Sir but my hands are preoccupied at the moment"

" No problem just-," paused Sir as he touched Ellie's shoulder,"calm down we have everything under control," said Sir as everything around him froze. "What happened?" Ellie asked . "I just made the gravity around us irrelative to that of the planet. Doing this time also becomes irrelative and slows down."

"So you have powers just like me Sir, and I guess your's is 'Gravity Control',"Ellie spoke with confidence. "Well yes I do have powers just like you but mine in 'Physics',I could defy or use everyhting know about our reality," he replied.

"Sir Ihave a plan to fix what I did. I really want this to stop so I perminantly grant you the additional ability to defy my powers. Now use use a low volt of electricity on the planet breaking my previous wish I made,"explained Ellie. "That is suprisingly a idea that could work. Well done Ellie," said Sir as he raised his glove less hand and did what she said.

"Sir Andrew, I thank you for your help," she said as time returned to normal, "and I agree to enter your school and so I could control this new power of mine." "Ellie I came here not to ask you to be a student but a teacher for our newest subject, Planning and Strategy. Inow see why Ann choose you for the task and I now agree with her."

Ellie was not surpised nor excited but she was lost in her thoughts about the student and her powers. "Sure i'll be a teacher but what about my powers?" asked Ellie. "Detail hungry are we? You will be my personal student and you would join the P.E classes too but not for the same reason as them."replied Sir.


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