The Hemogoblin, Mid-night Blood Lovers.
The Hemogoblin, Mid-night Blood Lovers. creepypasta stories
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ganesh_bani imma be back after school stress done
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Blood demons of the night who always win a fight with just their might. Enjoy......

The Hemogoblin, Mid-night Blood Lovers.

Humans are lucky; not anymore.

We shall endure and endevoir to devour that which is pure.

We come out at night to have a bite all for that sweet nector that makes us live forever.

We were called many things; vampires, zombies, demons. We are far worst that that.

When they are alone we kill them with no time to moarn.

We suck them dry all while they cry and die leaving their corpse out to lie on the cold cold road.

We kill for food and those little ones are the most delicious as they are equally precious.

We're not nice when we're caught and who so ever dares to try would pay the price and left to die.

Scary as we are, we go so far to make that never healing cut and leave you to rot.

Jumping and thrumping, killing and feeding, living while you are dying, we have a simple decision but we take it as a mission.

Their faces as they lie, their plee as they die, their cry as we pry.

We love it; we are the Hemogoblins, Mid-night Blood Lover.

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