The Guilt of Failure.
The Guilt of Failure. guilt stories

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Guilt is the worst thing to ever have not under control.

The Guilt of Failure.

As gave little effort and you fail at a task there is almost always a sense of either fear, sadness or guilt.

Fear of what's next, sad for not trying hard enough and guilty for letting those who trusted and believing in you down.

Out of all three, guilt is the worst.

You may feel fear but when the cause of your fear is gone you're happy but when you are guilty, you are constantly eating on yourself from the inside.

The guilt of watching those faces of the ones you love as the put up a fake person to make you happy not knowing it makes you sadder, or the guilt of feeling grief for the hatred you're about to face or the guilt of knowing that all of this could've been stopped with a little more effort.

The guilt is the worst.

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