The Ghost That Haunts Me.
The Ghost That Haunts Me. truestory stories

ganesh_bani imma be back after school stress done
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this is not a fake story it is so real and I've lived with it ever since i could remember

The Ghost That Haunts Me.

So I live on one of the man land owned by Slave Masters from years ago and their spirits are still haunt it.

I live on one such land.

To describe how I am in this home, I got a perfect example.

For anyone who has seen Conjuring Part 1, I'm like Lorraine when she could get Glimpse into the Future and could sense the Presence of Ghost and Demons. My Glimpses are like déjà vu and the ghosts/ demons are like a pool of colored energies.

I was right when I came to a conclusion that there are ghosts in my home because my parents did something like a Séance where they asked some, with experience, to allow the spirit of the "Master of the Land" and he confirmed my theories.

I sense that at night there were spirits upstairs sitting and standing and when I go downstairs at night I feel them watch me and I feel unease. They have this red and black aura and I was told they were demons and there were two of them. The Master of the Land said it was his children.

Then my big brother has this problem where he could find the right girl, but that is changing now btw, and the master said it was his wife who had a liking to him. Now I feel she's doing the same to me but she's late because I found the perfect girl.

So I live with three dangerous ghost/demons and one angel. This being aura is bright pure white like milk and is mostly in one place and that is by a door upstairs that leads to the outside. It is surrounded by the red and black auras and they normally don't move around.

This morning at 3am directly I woke up upon dreaming I'm at school and I saw someone and somehow I thought she was a teacher and I also knew which one. It was my Biology teacher and she had her back faced to me but I had a strong feeling it was her. I then was distracted by a feeling of water on my leg in the dream and I did something I knew I could do.

I pulled myself out of my dream and rushed to the bathroom and that is when I checked the time and it was 3:00am.

So yeah, I could feel a ghost's presence, I'm a clairvoyant and I think I'm being haunted. Oh yeah also my Mother's Sister is literally the Guyanese Lorraine Warren. She does everything Lorraine does. I guess it runs in the family but oddly only on my mother side because my cousins on her side of the family say they see ghosts already.

And also I heard a ghost one time and it was when we had guests and I slept next to my mom and heard a sound of a bear's growl, tiger's roar and a hissing sound and thinking it was my mom is slapped her three times and quickly apologized then it stopped.

If anyone who knows how to Help Me, Please Help Me.

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