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Thank you for Participating and I hope you like my answers.


Before I start the Q and A I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Q and A. So thank you: 1.) @liney 2.) @yasmin_knight 3.)@taeismybaibea

Questions from @liney: "1) what's your favorite hobby? 2) what's your zodiac sign? (i know a lot of ppl don't believe in the zodiac signs, no need to answer if you don't! :D) 3) who is your idol?"

Answer: 1.) My favorite hobby would have to be thinking of new ideas to write and watching anime. 2.) I am a Sun Aries, Rising Aries, Capricorn Moon, Venus Pisces. 3.) Well the weird thing is that idolize anime characters😅. So your answer would be Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Shōyō rn.

Questions from @yasmin_knight: "• When did you join Commaful? • What is your favorite food? • What is your favorite color?"

Answers: 1.) I joined Commaful on May 1st,2020. 2.)My favorite food isn't gonna be the same all the time but I love Roti and Kheer not necessarily at the same time tho😂😂. 3.) My favorite colors are Red and Yellow.💖💛

Questions from @taeismybaibae: "1- how did you meet Itzz_mia? 2- Do you have a favorite food? 3- whos your BFF on commaful?"

Answers: 1.) She had made a post about a break up she had with her ex and I was just browsing and I saw it, I then read it and when I did I couldn't scroll away from the post, it made me feel like I should enter her life so I start to private message her and then I confessed my feelings and here we are now.

2.) My favorite food is obviously gonna change a lot but those I know for sure that isn't are my favorite Indian dishes: Roti and Kheer. 3.) Honestly I can't have a BFF on Commaful cuz everyone I met and chat with I consider a friend. If I ever choose to have a BFF that wouldn't look good cuz it would mean I favor some people over the rest.

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