Mom's Love What is life without their tender touch, care and love?
Mom's Love
What is life without their tender touch, care and love? mothersday stories
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Mother's struggle

Mom's Love What is life without their tender touch, care and love?

A pregnant girl at the age of 21 named Sally Berg, is going to be a single parent mother. She is only a year away from completing her Degree and with it she could find a job to support her and her new son who is already been consieved seven months now.

Sally would do all that is necessary for her baby boy but what it took from her he could never repay. After she gained he Degree in Medicine, she got a job a the local health center where she would be close and where she could look over him and do her job.

It took her a lot of struggle and time but they made it, the baby boy she named Script took her last name, instead of the man who left her for another woman just because she got a betterbank account and Sally was draining his with the cost of her Degree, so his full name is Script Berg.

One day when Sally was at work there was a yell from on of her neightbours telling her that theives are at your home. Of course Sally had a babysitter for Script and that was his Aunt Valerie. But as the theives entered Sally's home Valerie was killed protecting Script and after the theives heard the sirens of Police cars the fleed leaving behind carnage.

At Valerie's funeral Sally saw Script's father George Towne. He said he wanted back all his money he gave he when they were togrther or he would take Script awa from her. George's lawyer came up to her and confirmed what he had said.

Sally now sad as can be had found herself in boiling water. She doesn't have the money to repay George and she doesn't want too loose Script either. She then went and begged George to give her a price to pay and she would do it. George gave her the price of four million dollars and said she had only four months to pay up.

Sally then went to all the family she knew, went down on her knees begged like a dog and even cried as she did they all felt pitty for her ang gave her the money but under a condition. The condition was that if anything is to happen to Script let them take care of the finances. With tears in the eyes of a then 27 year old woman on the ground she agreed.

With the company of her family she pooled two million dollars and dried her band account leaving her broke and the two million total she collect from her family and paid Geoge on time. She took the money and threw it at him and told him enjoy your money you triator.

Unknown to every one Valerie had over two million dollars in her will she entrusted to Sally when Script was born. This kept Sally financially stable and forever grateful to her gone sister and with it and her job provided everything Script needed and with her family they all raised him to be better than his father

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