Lost of Hope. Part 3.
Lost of Hope. Part 3. truth stories

ganesh_bani imma be back after school stress done
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dumb story but a true story UwU

Lost of Hope. Part 3.

Now this is gonna be about my messed up grade school life and how i met my then friend that could've been my girlfriend.

So this started in grade 6 and was pretty standard, I think.

So I would be bullied a lot and the only ones to ever be by my side and help me threw it was my girl in the same situation. ( i would mention her name but it's her with I say "my girl")

My girl was also bullied, outcasted and bearly had little to no friends so we were the perfect company to each other.

The reason I think my girl like me were: the fact that she would see me alone and come sit next to me and help LEAVING HER FRIENDS ALONE, also if I had asked for something she had she would it to me and at the end of the day tell me to keep it( no electronics and that is toally understandable). Those were mainly toys, which I still have.

She had this best friend that doesn't live far from me but after we graduated, none of the three of us really talk.

I would be bored in class and she would come next to me and we would play games, (with/without her friends), and we would have fun and honestly if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be who I am right now. Here's why

It was here who showed, introduced and presented the act of helping someone JUST BECAUSE. It's because of her that I have a helpful and tolerant behavior. I would've just been tolerant without her.

She was the foundation of my grade school life and if she ever reads this ------------------------->


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