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a story of karma and surprise

Just Because.

One day on a crosswalk overlooking the road,

One day on a crosswalk overlooking the road, their was an well dress old man who came out the hospital and was asking anyone for help crossing the road.

Everyone he asked instantly rejected his request and moved on.

Everyone he asked instantly rejected his request and moved on. However there was this boy who was with his friends and girlfriends walking pass him and hearing the man's request, the boy told them he's going somewhere he'll be back.

His friends left him but the boy and his girlfriend both agreed to help the man.

When the reach him they said, "Sir, I hear your asking for help crossing the street. May I help you please?" The man over joyed by the way the boy asked to help said, "Sure, young man. Thank you for the help."

When they arrived at the other side of the street the man asked them if they would follow him home because he couldn't see well and he might need their help still, to which they both with joy said, "YES SIR!"

When they arrived at his house, thier jaws dropped.

It was more of a mansion than a house. The old man, at the gate asked them if they would like to enter his home.

Both of them surprised and shocked at the oppertunity said yes and they then entired the mansion.

The old man took them to his living room the size of their entire appartment and ask them to sit.

He then told them that he is going to die in the next four days and he has no son, daughter, wife or any family alive and that he is worried about his money and home. He said that the plead for help was a selection test for someone that would earn his fortune.

He could've asked any of the numerous servants he had to escort him but he didn't. He wanted to find someone to give his wealth to so he begged for help and the person that willingly and joyfully asked to help him would be the luck ones he pick.

The old man then asked them their true full name as he wrote it on a peice of paper he had next him.

He told them that this is his WILL and after he dies that mansion and the 4 billion dollars in the bank would all be theirs.

The two were shock, happy and they went on their knees and thanked the old man.

Moral of the story: Help an individual JUST BECAUSE they need it, JUST BECAUSE you want to and JUST BECAUSE it is the right thing to do.

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