In a world, similar to ours, there lived a boy. A boy who had lived when he was need to be dead.A boy who was orphaned so he could live. His name is Sammy Script.
In a world, similar to ours, there lived a boy. A boy who had lived when he was need to be dead.A boy who was orphaned so he could live.

His name is Sammy Script. smallworld/ stories

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The life of a boy who became a man with a dark past which became a beautiful future.

In a world, similar to ours, there lived a boy. A boy who had lived when he was need to be dead.A boy who was orphaned so he could live. His name is Sammy Script.

Due him being very young when orphaned, he was sad and lonely. However, a humble and kind boy he was and for a reason.

He had a friend, a boy his age from nextdoor that would constantly visit. His name was Copper.They would play games and have fun every day until one unfortunate day that was bound to happen.

Sammy had lost his friend. Copper and his parents had moved to location on the other side of the country but their friendship still lived.

Sammy was soon adapted and he was finally told the truth. the truth of how he had become parentless but to everyone's surprise this drove him in the path of success.

He became a very feared and high Ranking Detective with the motive to find the Terrorist Group 'ORINUS' who had killed his parents many year ago. Never would he know he would regret a choice he had made Eighteen years ago.

There was a case that was more special to him beside the one that started it all. Sammy had met a beautiful, charming and proud woman who he had to protect from a gang of bandits. It was after this save and many constant meetings the two finally began dating.

Her name was Ivy Leodale. She was radiologist at the local hospital. She was only one year younger than Sammy but she had loved him so much after dating for months until, she was willing to propose to him on his birthday which was only two days away. What she had planned through never came to happen.

She had a bought a eight Carat diamond ring costing ninety-six thousand dollar which she had kept saving for to take a personal trip to relax from the stress at work that began to buildup until she was saved by Sammy in a very smell, very unsanitary alleyway.

The day finally came. It was Sammy's twenty seventh birthday. He was happy to gone the dinner but was unprepared to handle the rest of his Dinner Date. Ivy had gotten down on one knee and ask Sammy to marry her. Surprisingly he denied her request. Heartbroken and embarrased Ivy ran away throwing the ring at Sammy.

Ivy went home where she and Sammy had lived. Knocking down any and everything, she began packed her belongings with tears running down her face and in the rush fell toppled over by a lamp on the floor due to the preceding chaos. As she fell she saw a key.A key she has never seen before.

Being the smart and tactical person she is, she used it on door that no key she had could open. It worked and what she saw she could not explain. A trouble Ivy looked at a board in shock and sorrow. Sammy then came and seeing the door he tried to keep closed to Ivy open he knew he had to tell her.

"Ivy I'm sorry that I kept this from you but I didn't want you know at-least not this way. My parents had been members of a Mass Terrorist Group that they betrayed and sold out to the police who then caught and imprisoner them. Those that were free and roaming look for a person they could kill with the last name of 'Script'."

"When you had proposed to me I denied not because I didn't love you, the reason is because I love you too much and I don't wanna see you get hurt because of me and my cursed named. In a meeting at work when I had heard that 'ORINUS' were active again I took my job much more serious."

" When I saved you a year ago in the alleyway, I thought that those bandits were members of 'ORINUS' so wasted no second. I did my job but I also truly did fall in love with you Ivy Leodale. That is why I rather not take such a big step in our relationship at this time. I am sorry but I do promise that when the 'ORINUS' is away from us we'll get marry you."

As the rain blew over and sun washed their faces Ivy, Sammy and the Police Force all worked together solve the 'ORINUS' uprising. They figured out a pattern in the attacks and hid as teachers at a school that was their next target. "With intent to kill as long as the students were safe," was the given orders of the Police Force Captain and just that they did.

The students were given pre-made and prepared bullet proof vests to further protect them from the Terrorists coming to kill them. As the terrorists came Sammy was shocked, sad and conflicted to see his dear old childhood friend ,Copper, being the one to build and repair the before injured and damaged group.

With great sorrow in his heart Sammy had to kill the boy he called my best friend. I did this in the most honorable way he could think of. Sammy killed him making himself vulnerable and open, walk up to him call out his name, to a bunch of lead in my arms and legs, gave Copper a hug and pull out knife he had in sleeve of my shirt then he tainted his hands.

After Sammy did his job effectively, he was then engaged but could not get married due his being in recovery for two bullet major wounds that was not able to kill due to the quick care he was given saving his life.The one thing that was still baffling even for a detective as Sammy was why no one aimed for his head.

Sammy did figure it out though, Copper had made a hand gesture waving downwards with a very serious face before he was killed and that act of saving Sammy's life earned him the gratitude of a proper funeral and for those that obeyed him but still shot were all given the same treatment. That is how a man as humble as Sammy Script wanted it to be.

Sammy and Ivy became husband and wife, had three children whom all shared the last name 'Script' with pride .

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