ICSU Chronicles Chapter 6.
ICSU Chronicles Chapter 6. bomb stories

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The defenders finally meet the President.

ICSU Chronicles Chapter 6.

Sacrifices are made when there is no other choice. No more sacrifices needed, there has been too much.

"Mister President, Ann Alester, your new appointed body guard along with all my students from my school for superpowered children Chropo Acadeima."

"Nice to meet Ann."

"Nice to meet Ann." "Sir I want to know if you could identify the reason these killers want you dead?"

"Nice to meet Ann." "Sir I want to know if you could identify the reason these killers want you dead?" "Quick and straight to the point, you would make a great interrogator for the Chimera Agency. We have concluded that it was because we have their headmaster behind a special cell custom made for him and him along."

"Headmaster?" "Yes Ann, you didn't think you are the only one with the idea to make a school for students with superpowers. There are schools all over the world; in Guyana, New York, New Zealand, England, California, Brazil, Singapore and many more.Your school is only one of many we monitor."

"Our Agents were there when you were taking those children from the homes to your school and with the intel we have on those children's powers the Agency picked them and I don't know why. There were so many other schools with older, more experienced students but they insisted with your school and I chose to give you a chance to prove your student's abilities."

"I assure you Sir, my students would not fail yo-" *bang* *bang* *boom*

"What was that Ann?" "Miss I stopped over a hundred bullets with my 'Air Hardening Powers, and judging by the shape, width and length they were all 7.62x51 caliber probably from a sniper rifle in the Northwestern direction from that building, should we pursuit?"

"Believe me now Sir." "What about that boom?" "Miss, the boom was a bomb that I stopped with my Vacuum Power, and judging by the size of the bomb and it's heat before I stopped it that was a megaton bomb." "Good job you too. Whoever

these students are, they are not only prepare, they are also prepared and dangerous. That headmaster must be someone special if you are willing to bombard his with bullets and then a megaton bomb that could take out 80 squared miles around us."

They are from a rogue school and when we found out that their headmaster was the mastermind, a team of 30 special trained under covered men to get him, 2 returned and the rest died. The Heavy Hill School is not a good school for super powered children if they keep this up Ann."

*click* "Another bomb I guess." "Yes sir and this one is pressure censured." "Could someone disarm it or am I going to die here and now Ann?" said the President in a scared manner. "No Sir. Allow me." *Beep*

"A beep is that good?" ask the president. "Miss there is only one person I could think of with the power to stop this bomb from going off." "Sid isn't it?" "Yes Miss" "Fine call him and tell him to come with Jen." "Who are Sid and Jen?" "Mister President they are one

of the most powerful and unbeatable couple in our entire school."

"Miss you called us?" "Yes, could you disarm that bomb under the President's foot?" "Too easy." As Sid said that he ask Jen to make them a bullet proof glass shield and for the other two student to stand by incase things go south. "Bomb Disarm."

*click* "President Sir take your foot off the car and step back. Your ok." "How did you two do that? In my years of this job I've heard of many bombs and how they got disarmed but never one disarmed buy talking to it." "I'm Sid and with my power what I says happens and this

beauty here is Jen, she can make anything and everything in a matter of seconds." "Well Ann I guess I owe you and your school an apology. Me not believing in the Agency when they said some 10 year old's gonna protect me but now I see these 10 year old children you have are not to be messed with. Thank you for the help."

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