ICSU Chronicles Chapter 1.
ICSU Chronicles Chapter 1. super powers stories
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ganesh_bani imma be back after school stress done
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the beginning of the investigation with hesuperpowered children

ICSU Chronicles Chapter 1.

Bright and early Monday morning,

Bright and early Monday morning, At Arc Academia,

Bright and early Monday morning, At Arc Academia, There was an unexpected visit from an unexpected guest.

A entire SWAT team was on the school's ground's, heavily armed and ready, requesting a meeting with the Headmistress, Miss Ann.

"Students please exit your classrooms and head to the Auditorium until further notice," said Miss Ann from the speakers in each class, "and teachers, please go with them and keep them calm and safe."

*ring* *ring*

"Andrew, go with the students and keep them safe and use your powers if you have to," said Miss Ann on a private call, "i'll handle everything else."

"Miss Ann, my name is Joseph Barry, a Secret Agent from The Chimera Agency. My team has detected multiple catastrophic activities that are to occurr in the two weeks and with the intell we have on you and those missing children, that you visit before they vanish, are the key to prevent these apocalyptic events."

"Agent Joseph, what would happen if I disagree to this request," Miss Ann asked. "We have enough evidence here to charge you with reported civilian assult, kidnapping and distruction of private property. So I kindly ask you to think your answer over with deep thoughts," answered Agent Joseph.

"Andrew, carry everyone back to their class. I'll be back and expect to see these officers at Chropo Academia," said Miss Ann on a phone call. "Ok Ann, i'm coming after everyone's in their class," replied Andrew. "Fine," Ann said as she enters the Agent's car and directs them to the school that teaches those with superpowers.

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