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Description to Prince of Sword! Full story found on Wattpad!!


Brandon Kriagst is the youngest ever to become an officer for the Kingdom of Gami. But what will happen when he falls for a pair of mischievous, grey eyes?

~~ "Do you love me?" "Of course I do." "Then why does it always feel like you hate me?" ~~

~~ "Goodbye, Oliver. I will- I will miss you the most." ~~

~~ "This is dangerous, Brandon. You will be killed." "We are almost killed every week. That is nothing new for us." ~~

There are 32 kingdoms, all with a unique power to each royal family. Prince Oliver is the prince of the Kingdom of Gami, he must be always be protected. And who better than one of the best officers in the kingdom?

Officer Kriagst has been assigned to be the personal guard to the prince for over 3 years now, so why is it now becoming so hard to keep his focus on his job and not his assignment?


Themes of gore, abuse, and homophobia INCLUDED

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