Rick's Kryptonite (Josephine Rose O'Connell)
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Rick's Kryptonite Ch2

Rick's Kryptonite (Josephine Rose O'Connell)

My name is Josephine Rose Carnahan. I am the adopted sister of Evelyn Carnahan and Jonathan Carnahan. I am older than Evy but younger than Jonathan.

My occupation fluctuates a ton, I’m a drifter to be completely honest.

Our parents died when I was in my late teens which made me realize I needed to step up and mature at a younger age because I knew Jonathan wouldn’t wise up and raise Evy himself.

I did the best I could, I think she turned out alright. I left after she was able to live on her own and do what she needed to do.

I had the need to travel and see the world, so my drifter qualities were born.

I ended up in Egypt in 1923 where I am currently with the French Foreign Legionnaires. This is where I ended up meeting one of my most treasured friends Rick O'Connell and Winston Havelock.

Our whole garrison decided to march through Libya and into Egypt to find the city of Hamunaptra for some unknown reason. That’s the only reason I ended up tagging along.

I grew up with my mother always talking about it and telling the stories to us as children. However, it was not the visit I expected it to be. We ended up in a battle with the Tuaregs.

“Rick, goddamnit!! I thought you said you wouldn’t get us killed!!” I yelled at him angrily. Beni our Hungarian comrade cowering behind me.

Rick and I crouched below a wall holding our rifles at the ready as these horses galloped towards us.

I was dressed like a man as to avoid suspicion as to why a women would be here with these soldiers.

Women had no place in this city which was maddening but I was already going to be in a ton of trouble if I was caught. I watched as our Colonel rode off on his horse in fear.

“Coward” I said under my breath.

“You’ve just been promoted” Beni informed Rick. Rick sighed and rolled his eyes and gave some orders in French.

“Ready??” He yelled.

“You guys with me on this one right?” He asked both Beni and I.

“Oh your strength gives me strength” Beni replied. I rolled my eyes and nodded.

“Always” I said. Rick smiled a tad acknowledging both our replies.

“Steady!!!… Steady!!…” Rick yelled. Beni seeing the horses and men grow closer decided he was not ready and ran away. I rolled my eyes, I knew that would happen.

“Fire!!!” Rick yelled. ‘Finally’ I thought and I started firing at the Tuaregs with all the strength I had and reloading when I could, taking it shot by shot.

I soon realized the rifle would not do it anymore and threw it away and grabbed the handguns I’d had on my person,

standing up and backing up in line with Rick who was now trying to reload his rifle, with a shell in his mouth. I saw a man about to lunge at Rick but I quickly shot him down.

I covered Rick as best I could while he reloaded and kept shooting.

“Follow me, Joe!” He said as he threw away his rifle and got out 2 more handguns and shooting at people who got in his way. He was soon out and pulled out another couple of handguns.

“Damn Rick, how many do you have?!” I yelled as I ran after him. He didn’t answer as he saw Beni running as well. Rick ran faster to catch up to him as I ran after him.

“Run Beni, RUN!!!” Rick yelled at our companion. I knew what he was going to do the second I saw the temple type compartment he was running towards. I slowed down a little knowing Beni.

“Get inside, Get inside!!” Rick yelled at him. Beni started closing the door just as I thought that little stinkweed.

“Don’t you close that door!! Don’t you close that–!” Rick yelled at him. More shots were fired at us.

“Rick RUN!!” I yelled at him as I passed him and ran through the city towards the statue of Anubis. Rick right behind me. I was out of guns and only had my knives.

Rick had somehow managed to lose his in our scuffle as I had left my turbin. He stepped in front of me and braced for the worst as the Tuaregs closed in their rifles trained on us.

Suddenly something weird happened. The sand started to swirl around us and a face started to form as the wind whipped it around, the Tuaregs booked it out of there their horses scared shitless.

“Rick” I whispered and poked his side. He opened his eyes and spun around to face me he looked shocked. His face mimicked my emotions inside.

I smiled laughing a little before he hugged me lifting me off my feet and spun me around..

“RICK! Put me down!” I yelled at him. We noticed the sand start moving a little more roughly.

“Shit! Rick RUN!” I yelled sand getting thrown around near my face. He quickly threw me off his shoulder and let me run myself.

Day quickly turned to night as we ran out of the city, death surrounding us. I noticed these men dressed in black robes staring at us from atop some cliff.

“Rick…” I said as I nodded towards them, basically asking if we should be worried about them.

“We’ll be okay” He told me and we kept walking to the nearest city we could find.

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