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GalileanCowboyBorn SFO SF .CA. I'm 58 and single.
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Land's End, just like it's said. In the tip of the peninsula. The best of views, Cypress, sand, rising cliffs, a twang of salt in the air.


by GalileanCowboy

POINT LOBOS also known as Land's End

I'd wake around 4:30 run out the door into a very stout fog. The newspaper bundles just a short distance away. I loved the fog. You can count on fog. The weather in San Francisco deviated little

Whitney's Playland

fog After the newspapers, I can be free to go to the beach. After Retriving the dog, I'm on my way to another adventure. The first diversion the San Francisco Boardwalk ( known as Playland)

The Boardwalk

The Octopus and Fun House are my favorites. The Octopus would just glide around, On the outside end, it had a mystical illusion of gliding through the air untouched by the crashing

Find the EXIT

Surf below. For a longer use of a quarter, the Fun House. Entering, you are challenged by a chamber of mirrors demanding your wits. Berated by the taunting laughing of the first lady of

Around and Around

Playland the "Laughing Lady". Having met the challenge, you're in the inner sanctum of fun. The only one I've ever seen and since, the Turntable. True physical stamina is required here, I can


attest to that. Holding the center is an automatic eligibility for Fun House master. Leaving you're on Pacific Coast Highway and historic Sea Cliff. Point LOBOS, the fossil remains of


Sutro Baths.Balancing yourself on the skeletal remains without falling into the pools of sea water is challenging. This lower access to Land's End is difficult, but so is

Descending to the Caves

entering above and enduring the back and forth of wooden stairs. Stairs, a restop, stairs,

The caves

A restop. We go for a look. The caves lead to beaches, cliffs and paths. Straight ahead, on another fossil remain, adventurous beachgoers find crashing waves fighting for dominance of this

ruinous foundation. You have to make 15 or 20 yards between tides. You don't want to get stranded there. Help at Lands End is negligible. The cave entrance to the left takes you to an isolated

Adventurers Only

beach, be forewarned , a misstep, the chutes going straight below lead to coves, inlets of untamed ocean. The cave to the right leads to cliffs and scaling enough to challenge anyone. If you

The Golden Gate

The cypress is absent here, only plant life suited for sand and stone. To the right stands the Golden Gate bridge, still a remnant of fog as it's halo.

Onward North

If you have the time, a short trip through the Presidio to the bridge's entryway. Or further still, the Palace

Fisherman's Wharf

of Fine Arts. From there a short stint to Fisherman's Wharf.

was a thrill of a different sort. I'd enter through the chamber of mirrors, Oblivious to the bellowing, laughter of the iconic laughing lady herself. Enjoy the unbeatable spring turntable.

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