Living single at 58

GalileanCowboyBorn SFO SF .CA. I'm 58 and single.
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Living single at 58

by rayherbertson

Still single

I've been married twice, 3 children, some grandkids. I'm still single mostly because my wives didn't like me. They should have thought about that before we got married. I'm easy not to like,

I made big mistakes

For instance, I bought an (pretty sure it was as 87') trans am without asking. I didn't make the daddy change growing up) as fast as she did. So she became venus and I became mars. It was light

I am a Neanderthal

and dark. Looking back learning these 30 odd years, I would not have made those mistakes again (some) in my second marriage I have my ATM card to a friend, the next day my wife was furious,

She was furious

I had never trusted her with the card. OUCH!. Some mistakes I just have to look at by myself. I love single because my wives didn't like me. My first wife had trust issues with my visitations

My visitations were so she could go out on dates

With my daughter. When allowed, turns out I watched our daughter while she went out on dates. The joke on me was finding out years later she wound up living with the lawyer that

You won't believe

Wound up with the lawyer that divorced us. I couldn't believe it! I am friends with my second wife. Though she left me, she tells me horror stories about her new man.

He is worse than me!

He shaved her hair to dominate her. And yes the physical flights too. So we live and learn. My first wife remains single. She still carries my surname. At my daughter's wedding, I got the chill

The chill of my life

of my life. As if we were still together. It's been 30 years! They say a woman forgives but never forgets. She remembers and won't forgive. Get over it, you were pretty screwed up too .Anyway,

It's not healthy

It's not healthy to carry that kind of anger. Though we managed to co-exist. When it can me time to give the bride away and photographs she wouldn't have been happy til I was 20 feet to the side

She wanted to give away the bride

Out of the picture, there were compromises, but if I showed you the wedding pics, you'd see. No more marriages for me. My dating life was much more successful than my marriages

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GalileanCowboyBorn SFO SF .CA. I'm 58 and single.
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GalileanCowboyBorn SFO SF .CA. I'm 58 and single.
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GalileanCowboyBorn SFO SF .CA. I'm 58 and single.
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GalileanCowboyBorn SFO SF .CA. I'm 58 and single.
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@bernardtwindwil yes

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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I would say that you have definitely not experienced marital bliss. This was a damn fine introduction Welcome to the old codgers corner.