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galileancowboy Born SFO SF .CA. I'm 58 and single.
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by GalileanCowboy

A short traveling Story

Cross Country

Driving Cross country for my dad's company

I or I should say we (drove in pairs) coming from Los Angeles, sometimes we wound up in overbooked areas We (the company) preformed art auctions for fund raising. A straight drive

The surprise

Los Angeles, the area in (looking back it was either Maine or vermont) I or we were faced with fully booked hotels. The offer was made that we could sleep in the lobby. We were used to sleeping


we would sleep in truck stops, rest stops you get the idea. I was probably 17. I awoke startled and discovered. I had a huge erection and tingling all over. I was so ashamed and angry. I arise

I'm shocked

running into the parking lot trying to come to terms. I was nearly a virgin and some man was penis reading me in my sleep. It was hard to shake it off. Mind you I was born in San Francisco.

I knew about it

I knew intelectuall6 of matters. But not any first hand. We left right away, I look back on this and remarkably it stands out in my memory. I'm straight, but a couple of encounters.

I'm straight

Encounters are our basis for future relationships. What our heart needs.

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