Suicide Mission
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galethemo I write horror, mystery, and thriller.
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An excerpt from "Suicide Mission," one of my books.
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Suicide Mission

The sound of sirens rang through the air as a brisk November wind sped through the city of San Francisco.

Clint Dean, a thirty-one year old businessman, had just been found dead in his compact studio apartment with a bullet in his bleeding leg.

In his right hand he held a .22 caliber, but the lead detective, Janet Roberts, noted that the bullet in Clint's left thigh wasn't that of a .22, but of something Janet had never seen before.

"Travis! The bullet in his leg doesn't match the gun!" Janet hollered to her comrade.

"Do you want me to get Jim to bring the bullet to the lab?" Daniel Travis asked Janet.

"That would be great; Bring the body as well," Janet answered.

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