Prologue (The Widow)
Prologue (The Widow) horror stories
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galethemo I write horror, mystery, and thriller.
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A recent widow is using her special powers to save the children of her village.
The prologue to a possible book/short story I am working on.
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Prologue (The Widow)

Children died that night. There was nothing they could do. The blood on the walls gave the whole story; Avery felt the wall with her hand and let it come to her:

The sound of the knocking was brought to her ears as she leaned against the cane.

"Open up!" said a high pitched voice - a child would know it as friendly, while an adult would hear the sarcasm in the voice.

Loud whispers were now coming through.

"Who is it?"

"I don't know!"

"Open it!"

Quiet footsteps were sounded as one child walked through to the door.

Though Avery couldn't see it, she could here the creak of the wooden door as the child opened it - and the sound of the monster's laugh.


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