Ms. Maniac - Section 4
Ms. Maniac - Section 4 thriller stories

galethemo I write horror, mystery, and thriller.
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A newly wedded woman must fight a mental battle with others to save her life form being ruined by a crime she never committed.
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Ms. Maniac - Section 4

The blood dripped down the curtain as though it were water itself. Erica could see it through the white shower curtain. She stood, gaping at the monstrosity before her eyes.

It was as if she was in a horror movie - and she was the victim. The thing behind the curtain was, too.

The thing behind the curtain was Jessica, Erica's long-dead cousin that was horribly abused by her grandfather.

Erica tried to block out the disgusting images that ran through her mind - the bruises on Jessica's head that she knew weren't an accident, the scars on her knee that would never leave,

and worst of all, the forked tongue that was a punishment for talking back to him. Erica started to turn around, to leave this horrible nightmare, when she felt a hand on her left shoulder.

She turned around, wondering who it was. That was when she saw the gleaming green eyes and smirk of her step-father.

"What are you waiting for, sweetheart? Why don't you go see your little cousin? She's missed you all the years she's been in that grave.

Of course she's dead now, but I am informed that you know the truth." Dr. Thompson nudged Erica forward, forcing her towards the girl humming in the shower.

"No! Let me out! You're an evil man for burying your poor, sweet granddaughter alive in that grave! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" Erica jolted upright in the bed, sweat clinging on to her forehead.

She raised her hand to her face, wondering what she just went through. She fought the tears as hard as she could, but they came rolling down her face anyway.

"Why? Why did you do this to me?" she wondered out loud, "Why do I have to face this disaster alone?"

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