Ms. Maniac - Section 2
Ms. Maniac - Section 2 thriller stories

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A newly wedded woman must fight a mental battle with others to save her life form being ruined by a crime she never committed.
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Ms. Maniac - Section 2

The next time Erica woke she was laying down, strapped to a chair. When she tried to move her hands, a stinging sensation aroused.

She began to close her weak, tired eyes as a voice sounded by her right side.

"She's awake," a man said.

"Great! I'm coming in," another voice said.

A gent with an off-white lab coat walked through the door-way and smiled at Erica. Erica started to ask him what was going on but stopped when she realized who it was.

The man continued to talk, ignoring Erica's questioning face, "Hello, dear! You've had quite an eventful week, haven't you?"

The doctor stretched rubber gloves over his hands and snapped them into place. "I've heard a lot of interesting information from the police. I'm incredibly sorry for your loss...I'm sorry..."

The doctor looked up at his assistant nurse and asked, "What did you say her name was - Elena?"

"No, sir. I believe her name is Erica," the other man said.

"Aah! Erica. I know how it feels to lose a loved one," the doctor said with a glimmer in his eyes.

Erica glared at Doctor Thompson with fury. She wanted to scream into his face all the things he had done to her and her little cousin. That man should never have been born.

"I still can't believe why my mother married him after Daddy died," she thought,

"I know he charmed her right when she saw him for the first time, but didn't she know it was wrong to marry her own uncle?

Didn't it ever occur to her that it was wrong to let him cut me and bash his granddaughter's leg against the wall after breaking her arm for the second time in three months?"

"Take it easy there, child. Aren't you hurting your hands?"

Erica snapped back and found how hard she had been gripping the chair with her hands.

She began to open her mouth to say a nasty comment to Doctor Thompson when she felt the drugs being poured into her body.


This time when Erica woke up she was sitting in a room similar to the one the woman in the beige shirt had been in.

Only this time, a different woman was sitting in front of her, wearing a floral shirt filled with red roses.

"Good. You're awake," the woman said with a raspy voice, "my name is Susan Morris. I've been a therapist for thirty-nine years.

Never have I ever had a woman be sent to me because she murdered her whole family and new husband with poisoned wine on her wedding day.

But what can I say? I've been wanting to kill my husband ever since I found out that he voted for Eisenhower nine years ago. I have an honest question, though.

Did you do it? Did you really kill twenty people?"

Erica stared at her, stunned. "What a psycho," she thought.

"HELLO? When I have a question, I expect to be answered," Susan spoke with annoyance as she rolled her eyes.

Erica spoke for the first time in four days, "No. I didn't do it. I was framed by someone.

I don't know why, but do you know anyone who survived?" Erica looked at Susan with pure hope and nothing else.

If someone had survived, they might be able to help her remember more that happened that day.

"Only one that I know of. I think her name was...Helen?"

"Norman! Helen Norman! My mother-in-law. She really survived?" Erica gasped.

"Yes. I just said that, try to keep up." Susan rolled her eyes for the second time.

Erica threw her head back in her chair and shut her eyes. She brought both her hands up to her forbidding face and began to slowly rub her face. "I can't believe it."

"You can't believe she survived? Was she your target, or something?" Susan questioned with interest as she leaned forward.

Erica promptly yanked her hands away from her face and said with force, "I already told you! I'm innocent!"

Susan stood up and walked around her desk to Erica. She pointed her bony finger in Erica's face and brought her lips just an inch away from Erica's.

"You better start showing me more respect, missy. I have every right to call the cops right now and tell them to arrest you for murder. You told me you didn't do it, and I believe you.

But if you want the cops to believe you, you better tell me everything you remember happening at the restaurant." Susan walked back to her chair and sat down.

She waved her hand at Erica to start speaking.

Erica said, "Fine. I'll tell you what I remember. When I got to the restaurant, I sat next to Michael, my husband, and Helen.

After we ordered our food, Michael went to the restroom and Helen started asking me about my parents and why they weren't at the wedding.

I told her that I'd rather not talk about my parents and she said she understood. The next thing I remember was her going to the restroom and being gone for a really long time.

While she was gone, the waiters gave everyone wine. Well, everyone but Michael, Helen, and me. They said they had something special for us.

I just thought it was because we had just gotten married and Helen was Michael's mother, so I just went along with it.

Once everyone had something to drink, Michael went to the front of the room and held a toast and everyone drank some of their wine. After that, they started to throw up and choke.

Then I remember Helen yelling at me to watch out. I turned around, towards Michael, and saw him running towards me with a knife.

Not really knowing what to do, I followed my instinct and threw my glass at him. It hit him on the arm and he dropped the knife. I turned around towards Helen, but she was gone.

When I turned back towards Michael, he was crawling to me and I heard him whisper, 'coming for you.' He tried to stand up but couldn't manage it.

When he fell down, he bumped his head on a chair and got knocked out. The last thing I remember was the cops hauling me in a car."

Susan responded, “Wow. You had quite an eventful day. Based on what you just told me, I would have to guess it was your mother-in-law who did it. She could have poisoned a bottle of wine when she was in the restroom.” Susan made air-quotes with her fingers.

“Do you know where she is now?” Erica fearfully asked.

“No. But I think the cops do.”

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