Ms. Maniac - Section 1
Ms. Maniac - Section 1 thriller stories

galethemo I write horror, mystery, and thriller.
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A newly wedded woman must fight a mental battle with others to save her life form being ruined by a crime she never committed.
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Ms. Maniac - Section 1

The wedding dress that was white just minutes before was now drenched with crimson blood.

Erica Reese, now Erica Norman, held the sharp knife with her bloody hand wandering how long it would take for the local police to get to the Anniston Country Club.

Twenty people sat at the tables, all of them dead. It hadn't taken long for the Kool-Aid to work. Barf was splattered all over the room. Erica stood, stunned, at what she had just done.

Loud footsteps broke the silence a few moments later.

A man in a blue police uniform ordered, "Drop the knife. Freeze!"

Erica instantly dropped the knife on the floor and wept as two cops came forward and mercilessly grabbed her arms. They locked handcuffs on her sticky hands and forced her outside.

After being shoved into a car the widow watches as the restaurant disappeared from her view.


"Tell me what happened. Don't be afraid," the woman in the beige shirt said. Erica's sight was fuzzy and she felt dizzy.

She stared at the lady in the beige shirt with confusion, wondering where she was.

"Where am I? Who are you?" Erica tried to stand up but immediately gave up as she no longer felt any strength.

"Relax. There's nothing to be worried about," the woman said. "Tell me what happened," she repeated.

"What do you mean? I don't remember anything..." Erica grew silent and she looked down. Her eyed gaped wide as she saw the blood-stained wedding dress. Erica started to scream.


The next time Erica woke she was laying down, strapped to a chair. When she tried to move her hands, a stinging sensation aroused.

She began to close her weak, tired eyes as a voice sounded by her right side.

"She's awake," a man said.

"Great! I'm coming in," another voice said.

A gent with an off-white lab coat walked through the door-way and smiled at Erica.

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