Hope for All Eternity - S.S. (Part 2/2)
Hope for All Eternity - S.S. (Part 2/2) thriller stories

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Part 2/2 of a mystery short story.
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Hope for All Eternity - S.S. (Part 2/2)


"Tell us what happened. We already know you're guilty. There's no reason to lie to us," Clara told Megan in the small, cold room.

Megan sighed in disappointment and answered, "Fine. A few days ago my brother was drunk and kept offering his friend, Daniel, a drink. Daniel kept saying 'no' and eventually, Sam got mad.

He started to push Daniel around and Daniel fought back. Then Sam left in his car and I never saw him for a few hours. Daniel left soon after and I vowed to get revenge.

No one pushes my brother around. Later that night, Sam came back, and since he wasn't drunk anymore, I told him my plan to get rid of Daniel.

He said I was a psychopath and that it was his fault Daniel got mad. That made my even more angry, so I knocked Sam out with a stone.

I shoved him into the hole I had dug for Daniel and was about to bury him when I heard someone coming from behind the house. I ran into the woods and got to the railroad tracks.

I tripped on the tracks and fell. I think I passed out, because it was dark when I stood up. I went back to the hole where Sam had been, and he was gone.

I ran through the woods looking for him, but I never found him."

Clara leaned forward and asked, "What about Daniel? What happened to him?"

Megan responded, "After losing Sam, I went to Daniel's house and broke his window. After knocking him out, I took him over to my house in the car and buried him in the hole. He's dead."

Clara was shocked. Why didn't she figure out it was Megan sooner?

All of a sudden, a guard came in the room and whispered in Clara's ear, "Samuel Lewis's body has been found in Megan Lewis's basement.

" The guard went and stood in the corner, keeping watch over Megan.

"What is it?" Megan wondered out loud.

"Samuel's body has been found in your basement. How did it get there, Megan?" Clara mercilessly questioned.

Megan scowled at Clara and stood up. She pointed her finger at Megan as she yelled, "STOP ACCUSING ME!"

The guard angrily told Megan, "Sit down right now! Don't get up until I tell you to!"

Megan sat back down without even looking at the guard and said, "I don't know how Sam got into the basement. He could've committed suicide! All I know is that I didn't kill Sam.

Yes, I attempted to, but I didn't succeed."

Clara thought for a moment and then said, "I guess I'll have to accept that you don't know everything. But, Megan, you are going to be executed in a couple of months.

" Clara looked over to the guard and ordered, "Take her to the cell. I don't want to hear another word from her ever again."

Megan glared at Clara and stood up as the guard wrapped handcuffs around her wrists. "You won this battle, Clara, but you haven't won the war.

" Megan smiled and threw her head back as she laughed.

Clara looked at her with interesting eyes, wondering how someone could be so evil. "Goodbye, Megan. I hope I never see you again for all eternity!"

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