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A person faces many obstacles to help their sister escape death.
Chapter Two of "Fishman," a book I'm working on.

For "Chapter One"...
For the prologue...

Chapter Two (Fishman)

After driving for a hour, getting gas from an Exxon, and then driving another hour, I finally got to Judge Annie Miller's brick mansion.

Annie lived on a hill full of grass apart from everyone else. The mansion looked like it was two stories tall, but it might've been three.

There was one mailbox that had a seagull painted on one of its sides. Although, I could barely tell it was a seagull because of the chipped paint.

I studied it more thoroughly and it started to look like a ship. I guess I'll never know. I began to walk up the long staircase to the two front doors.

While I walked, I started to put on the fish mask. I scrunched up my face and didn't breathe for the few seconds it took to put the mask on.

"I need to get this over with," I said, not wanting to smell the mask for even one second, let alone a few minutes. When I got to the two doors, I knocked with my right fist.

A few seconds later someone opened up the right door. I immediately snatched my gun out of its holster and cocked the gun. "Oh my goodness!" the woman screamed.

She raised her hands up and tears formed in her eyes.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Liana Johnson," she replied through tears.

"Where's Annie Miller?" Now the stench of blood and rotting flesh was really stinging my nose.

"She's upstairs getting Chloe ready. Oh dear..."

"Who's Chloe?" I interrupted.

"Chloe is her daughter! Who are you and what do you want from her? Money?"

"I have no need for money. I just need to talk with Annie."

"Now, why would I let you do that when you're pointing that gun at my face?"

"Hmm... you would let me do that because if you don't, I'll shoot you. Let me in or you will die today!"

Liana started crying even more when I put the gun closer to her. She slowly turned around and started walking up the staircase.

I kept close behind, every step causing the mask to shift on my head. Liana turned right down a short hallway at the end of the staircase. She slowly opened a door.

"Miss Annie's in there," Liana said, motioning toward the room.

I couldn't trust that she wasn't going to shove me in the room and lock me in, so I said, "You first."

She sighed, looking annoyed and frightened, and then walked slowly inside and shouted, "Miss Annie! Come quick!

" Liana started sobbing again and tried, but failed, to glare at me through her tears.

I heard quick footsteps come from another door in the room, perhaps the bathroom.

"Liana, what's wrong...oh my! Who are you and why are pointing that gun at me?" Annie said in a confused way while she looked at me anger.

"Are you Annie Miller?" I questioned.

"Who are you?" Annie asked me again.

"Who I am does not concern you."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure it does. Now, if you don't tell me who you are in the next ten seconds, I am calling the police."

"That's not going to happen. I asked you a question, and I expect it to be answered.

If you continue to refuse to answer my question, you will die in ten seconds," I responded, trying to force the woman to answer me.

I glanced Liana's way and saw that she was now done crying and looking at me with nothing but pure anger in her eyes. I turned my head back to Annie.

"Fine. I am Annie Miller, but now you must answer my question, who are you?"


I had pulled the trigger. Annie Miller immediately fell down to the beige carpet and blood started pouring out of her forehead and mouth. She was dead.

Liana looked at me with hatred; she grabbed a book that was sitting on a nightstand and started hitting me in the head with it. I stumbled backward, hitting the wall.

My gun fell out of my hands and hit the floor. Liana urgently picked it up and cocked it. She pointed the pistol at my stomach.

I knew I wouldn't be able to dodge it, so I closed for my eyes and prayed for a fast death.

"Enjoy death!" Liana screamed.

"Mommy!" I heard a new voice.


My ears rang, but that was it. I opened my eyes and saw Liana's stunned face. She was looking at my feet. I looked down and saw a horrific sight - the bloody body of a child was at my feet.

"Oh no, oh no no no! What have I done?" Liana started sobbing.

"Is that Chloe Miller?" I asked Liana.


"I never intended on killing anyone but Annie Miller," I replied.

"That ship has sailed," Liana glared at me again; I could feel the anger she had for me.

"How did she even get in front of me?"

"Miss Annie must've told her to stay in the bathroom until she came back. When Chloe heard the gunshot, I saw her come out and see her mother's body, so she started to run past us to go to her.

She just ran past at the wrong moment," Liana continued to cry, even more now than before, "I saw you move when she was running past us, and I didn't want you to hold her in front of you and block yourself.

I just pulled the trigger and hoped for the best." Liana slammed the gun down on a desk and put her hands over her face.

I ran over to the desk and picked up my pistol.

"Hey!" Liana screamed, running over to me.

I lifted the gun and murdered Liana Johnson. Now I can cross one name off of my list. Only four more to go.

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