With All My Heart [And Its Mechanic Parts]
With All My Heart [And Its Mechanic Parts] fiction stories

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A cyborg and a human walk into a hospital waiting room... || science-fiction short story that runs about 330 words in length.

With All My Heart [And Its Mechanic Parts]

Topher was plugged into the wall. The LED display light on his forearm blinked slowly on and off. His skin had been peeled back to uncover it. Lydia's eyes were fixed on the light.

She was thinking hard.

"Toph, I have a question."

Topher's eyes cleared. He had been letting the feeds run past his vision, checking the news, social media, market listings for parts, etc.

His eyes returned to their natural baby blue and he raised his eyebrows.

Lydia's eyes travelled up past his eyebrows to his scalp. Half his head was shaved to make room for the wires that wove above and below his skin.

"Do you ever regret...it?"

Topher smirked, "Sometimes, but it's worth it in the end."

"But the way people look at you..."

"The way you do?" Topher countered.

Lydia bit her lip, twisted her wedding ring around his finger.

"You aren't doing this for you," He reminded her, eyes flicking to her ring.

Lydia looked down at it too and nodded.

Topher tilted his head to the side and smiled, "You're going to save so many lives, Lyds."

"Just like my big brother," Lydia said.

"Just like me," confirmed Topher, "You remember that."

Lydia said, "Did it hurt?"

"The mechanical organs work the same. We already know you can host them, unlike Simon. The enhancements are just bonuses."


"What are you still afraid of?" Topher asked.

"I'll still be human, right?"

Topher's smile disappeared. He peered at his sister's expression. Her face was a mixture of emotions. He held out a hand and she took it, squeezed it.

He said "You're a sister, a wife, a human, and soon, a cyborg. This is a selfless act, Lyds, giving up your organs to save your husband's life."

"It feels selfish."


"Because I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't do it."

Topher laughed, "So be selfish and be a cyborg."

Lydia chuckled a little too, "Thanks. I think I will."

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