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Yesterday the world said good-bye to the Mars rover Opportunity. This is the tale of Opportunity, and my tribute to her. Happy Valentine's day, friends. || about 250 words in length.

Lost Opportunity

As the winter season set in, and a dust storm raged, the little robot’s solar panels buffeted in the wind. The solar panels were attempting to heat its internal core where the most important parts were kept.

If they froze, it was over for Opportunity. Back home the team that controlled her huddled around computers trying to stay in contact. A tear streaked down the face of its creator.

“My battery is low and it's getting dark,” Opportunity transmitted.

What was initially planned to be a ninety day mission had turned into a fifteen year one, an unheard of challenge but Opportunity had refused to give up.

Her creators had marvelled at the wonder of Opportunity on the ninety-first day. Now, as the cold began to take her, a whole fifteen years later, her creators played her a song.

The final transmission from Earth to Opportunity- Billie Holiday’s “I'll Be Seeing You.”

“I'll find you in the morning sun And when the night is new I'll be looking at the moon But I'll be seeing you”

They got no reply.

Hundreds of years later the first manned mission to Mars took place. They found her, little Opportunity, covered in dust, but there none the less.

They brought her back to the ship and hooked her up. The first thing she saw when she came back, through her little camera, was the smiling face of a human. How she had missed them!

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” the human said, “It’s been a while.”

She was never truly a lost Opportunity.

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