Flames and Fairies: Part 1 (Collab with @Mollycat13)
Flames and Fairies: Part 1 (Collab with @Mollycat13) fantasy stories

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The Dragon's Den nightclub, where only the hippest dragons got down...but not all is well at the Den one night. || This is part of a collaboration I'm doing with @mollycat13 ! I wrote this part, and she edited it!

Flames and Fairies: Part 1 (Collab with @Mollycat13)

Nestled amongst the winding spires of Nivalis was the Dragon's Den nightclub where only the hippest Dragons got down.

It was a dilapidated warehouse with warped stain glass panes in the tall windows, and a repurposed wooden billboard inset into the linoleum floor that made up the main room of the club.

On one side there was a bar crowded with dragons of all kinds, tails swinging, and puffs of smoke curling from their nostrils.

On the other side of the main room was the DJ's booth and stage, with the billboard dance floor stuck in between, eternally advertising "AMAZING! COLOR TELEVISION IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!"

accompanied by a worn box-y painting of a television set about fifty years out of date.

That night, two young charges had made a decision: that their evening spent at the Dragon's Den would be perfect.

Kyndred, a young, dashing male dragon, was taking his fairy girlfriend to the Den for the first time, and he just knew Angel Grace would love it.

Typically the Dragon's Den was a dragon-only-affair, but Kyndred had discovered the technicality that fairies were allowed in if they were accompanying a dragon as their servant.

Kyndred and Angel Grace were nervous standing in line to have their ID checked, but Angel Grace was also so excited, it calmed Kyndred's nerves somewhat.

The bouncer looked them over but handed back Kyndred's ID fairly quickly, noting that the more complicated Draconic name on his ID marked him as a member of an elite family.

Angel Grace gasped when they entered the club, eyes travelling up and up and up to the chandelier that winked at them from the high ceiling.

"Can we dance?" Angel Grace asked Kyndred, fairy wings fluttering.

Kyndred puffed some smoke from his nostrils and shook his head. Another dragon that had entered behind him was watching their interaction.

"Fetch me a drink, Fae," Kyndred gruffly replied.

Angel Grace remembered that she was to represent his servant and stepped closer, smiling fakely.

"Sorry, sir. I forgot myself."

Several bystanders that had entered with them turned away, decidedly calmed to see Angel Grace enacting her more traditional role as a servant.

The dragons who had been watching dispersed and Angel Grace marched to the bar, signalling the bartender with a hand raised high.

The bartender looked at her, then away to serve a closer customer. Angel Grace's smile faltered and Kyndred marched after her, also signalling the bartender.

"Excuse me, my fairy was trying to order me a drink."

The tending dragon said, "I'm sorry sir, I didn't realize she was with you."

Kyndred placed a hand on Angel Grace's back, right between her wings, in a defensive stance and replied "Even if she wasn't, you should serve her anyway."

The dragon sitting on the bar stool one stool away turned to them and said "Don't bother standing up for some disposable fairy."

Angel Grace blinked several times, her face suddenly expressionless.

"Isn't it true that fairies live shorter lives than dragons? Isn't it true that the child of a dragon and fairy can't breed again?" the dragon sitting at the stool slurred.

He picked up his drink cup and tipped it towards Angel Grace.

"I saw the way you looked at your dragon," he sneered, "If you carry his child, it can't fly."

A flurry of action took place to their right side, the side of the dance floor. A young female dragon with translucent wings came flying at the dragon seated on the bar stool.

Kyndred observed it was less flying than wing-propelled running, but none-the-less, she clocked him on the snout.

The scuffle lasted two, maybe three seconds, before the dragon with translucent wings was wrenched off of the other collapsed dragon.

His drink had flown from his hand into the air towards Angel Grace, who had yelped helplessly as it sprayed across her face.

The female dragon with translucent wings screeched, "Say one more thing about us half-breeds, I dare you."

The bouncer and a second security dragon appeared at her shoulders, firmly grasping either side of her. They pulled her to the door as another dragon helped the one on the floor to his feet.

Kyndred and Angel Grace looked around, realizing that there was a quiet crowd that was watching them.

Angel Grace grabbed Kyndred's hand and pulled him towards the door but at first he wouldn't budge.

"Come on, Kyndred," hissed Angel Grace.

"Listen," Kyndred said loudly to the crowd, "This ain't it people. This kind of aggression, the half-breeds and fairies won't take it much longer.

We need to change, or else they're going to take us out."

Someone in the crowd scoffed and Kyndred raised his voice, "I'm serious. Remember this."

Angel Grace could hear the cold anger in his voice and knew it in her heart. Kyndred turned towards the door and marched out after the female half-breed.

She had been pushed out onto the street and was still screaming and spitting fire in anger, as she stalked down it. Kyndred and Angel Grace caught up with her.

They followed her until she screamed at the sky, then flung herself down onto the street curb and plopped her snout in her hands.

"Ugh," she said, "I can't believe I outed myself like that. I always excused my wings as a medical condition..."

Angel Grace and Kyndred looked at each other.

"I'm Celia."

"I'm Kyndred, and this is Angel Grace. Would you like to go elsewhere to talk?"

Celia stood and fluttered her wings, "I was hoping you'd ask that! I'm recruiting people to help with a petition to change a legislation about the legality of fairy-dragon love."

Angel Grace beamed, slipping her hand into Kyndred's, "We'd love to hear about it."

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