Day One: Perfection Rising #NanoWriMo2021Challenge
Day 1: Perfection Rising #NaNoWriMo2021Challenge #nanowrimo2021challenge stories

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Day 1 prompt: Me as a super hero. Story word count: 411. Total word count: 411 || Yay for intentionally vague super powers! All my works this month will be tagged #CommaWriMo.

Day One: Perfection Rising #NanoWriMo2021Challenge

My doctors said I have "dietetic vision": a kind of thirst for satisfying objects to behold.

When I grew into this gift of visual sorting, I didn't become the sort of superhero you see in comic books. I looked at the world around me and saw imperfection, but I also saw opportunity.

As quickly as I could, I began to share my visions of the world with others. Some met me with trust, with belief, for they too shared a vision of the world that aligned with perfection.

Others met me with strife, their chaotic souls pushing back from this serene order of things.

Through a keen eye, my political power in my home country grew and a cultural and structural renaissance began. Entire cities changed looks.

Projects that were once only dreams came to fruition: were put on paper, and the civilians of my homeland made them happen together. The spreading roots of change grew outwards from there.

Soon the entire world was in my hands, as though it were but a ball of clay to be molded into a new form.

And yet, not all was well. My own friend betrayed me, strung me along and filled my world with confusion.

They planted the seeds of discord in my head, questioned my assuredness, doubted my vision under the guise of constructive criticism,

and even refused to hear my own suggestions in the construction of a project.

Their single-mindedness could not be tolerated and with the help of my friends I revealed them for the villain they were.

Once the villain was revealed, my friends asked them 'why' they did these evil deeds, and in remorse they exclaimed my vision was too difficult for them to understand,

that they could not see the same vision I had, that they could not imagine a world that was different from the pain they felt then. I apologised to them, and sat by their side.

I had not known their eyes were clouded, and as I touched their arm gently, my dietetic vision coursed through them when we spoke of the perfection of the future.

It was only when they could see their place in our world did they believe in the power of it.

Dietetic vision is what the doctors describe to be a thirst for satisfying objects to behold, but I disagree.

I would describe it as "the power to tell right from wrong, nonjudgmentally and one-mindfully."

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