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As one woman maintains her barriers and smiles, another shares her heart and cries.


Part 1.

The park was a wonderful place. Happy couples could be seen walking hand in hand on the paths near the fountain.

Although she had not been on a date for many months now, the sight of those in love did not make her feel lonely.

Instead, she allowed the sunlight to shine onto her bare skin and felt it's magical glow. The sunlight was glorious to experience and her entire body was instantly comforted.

Here, on this sunny bench in the park, she could leave her walls in place and feel the warmth of love.

Part 2.

The bitter smell of cigarette smoke filled her nostrils as she exhaled. It was a stench so pungent, so unhealthy, and so artificial that she couldn't imagine anyone could love it.

Except her, of course.

These were *his* favourite cigarettes and they reminded her of the moments they had shared where she poured her heart out and revealed herself completely, loving with all her might.

Those moments were long, long gone, buried far away in the endless depths where her heart used to be.

She extinguished the lit stub of her finished cigarette and savored the last remaining wisps of her poison. She shook her head.

"I have to quit," she told herself for the hundredth time. "This just isn't good for me."

Even as she reminded herself, she knew she would be standing in that spot tomorrow at exactly the same time, with exactly the same thoughts, smoking exactly the same brand of cigarettes.

She was almost looking forward to it.

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