~Tsundere Bill Cipher x Reader~(Fanfic)
~Tsundere Bill Cipher x Reader~(Fanfic) gravityfalls stories

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(Hope you guys read it and tell me if it’s good) psst @galaxy2 Bill Cipher it’s for you, original account / it’s Bill’s account! Others = imposters!!

~Tsundere Bill Cipher x Reader~(Fanfic)

One of Bill’s demon buddy spots you. Demon buddy: (sniffs you) King Cipher, there appears to be a human here in this world. Bill magically appears by (teleportation) Bill: A human you say?

Bill: (looking at you) Isn’t that news. Well, human welcome to the Nightmare Realm. You, step away knowing Bill is a dangerous demon. Bill: (grins, showing his pointy teeth) Oh. This place here is full of fun. We do no harm.

You trust Bill and step forward ( Bill gives out his hand. You accept it and take his hand) Bill switches. Bill stops he gives a menacing stare!! He grabs your hand tightly. Bill: I despise you filthy humans!!

You become frightened. You try to break free from his grasp. Bill: No point trying!! Your face is adorable when you are in pain. It’s hilarious. Bill: (Switches) Oh, am I hurting you? (You nod) Bill let’s go.

Bill face becomes like a sad puppy. A child that lost something. You comfort Bill. Bill smiles. Bill: Thanks, I should’ve been careful. You blush by looking at the smile on his face. Radiant sunshine glowing smile.

Bill: It’s not safe here. I think you should... A blue haired demon arrives . It’s Will Cipher. Will: Brother! Hey, I got you something. Bill becomes protective. He looks at you! Bill whispers: I must hide you somewhere.

Without questioning you listen and hide. You read Bill’s mind. Will may be a crybaby but that’s just an act, he is a player in heart. Too be continued Would the reader be with our Bill Cipher or the blue Will Cipher?

Btw this was quickly done. So, correct me if I made mistakes. You can say this is my first here in this account. I have another account with a fanfic but its as twins ;)

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