Thin ice can’t break my shielded walls
Thin ice can’t break my shielded walls new stories

galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer - Maybe Mabel
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This is inspired by a game character and well I don’t think people can guess but well something different I guess. Maybe a type of poem idk.

Thin ice can’t break my shielded walls

Ice can melt my past I lie in order to protect others from the truth but people protest A man of mystery I am they all want to know the secrets ... my secrets Is it my charm or my presence?

They look and want more of me . They say there is more secrets concealed behind the eyepatch but, for me it’s an accessorise with one purpose to stand out. My glacier shall make peace by bridging to opposite ends of the stick.

My sword can be what carved every mountains, shaped every statue with its sharpest end. It’s used to show the extent of my strength. That this is what will engrave my name when I die. The blizzards shall guide people to the direction of righteousness however the blizzard travels in different directions meaning people are still divided.

My appearance that of a long ago captain not Captain Hook but a hook for a sword is interesting but not effective. When the wind howls it shall be the time when the Ice age may happen again. Although, that person still is unheard as the icy wind passes. Who am I?

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