Presenting the definition of the internet in this parody post
Presenting the definition of the internet in this parody post fan fic stories

galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer - Maybe Mabel
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Kay, this fanfic is a crossover Between your triangle dream demon Bill Cipher and CryoIcesicleEyepatchSmoothtalker Kaeya Alberich. (Modified my writing a bit now)

Presenting the definition of the internet in this parody post

Bill Cipher: Ah, what a pleasant day where I can have peace and devour this fleshy food in the darkness. (Note there might be a crosser over) Out of nowhere during a tornando storm Kaeya has been running across the abyss when coincidentally he met the triangle overlord Bill Cipher!

Bill muttered, just when everything was going fine this random person happens to invade my privacy. Kaeya wasn’t startled instead he was delightfully intrigued by the grotesque image of the flesh eating monster. Kaeya: Allow me to introduce myself…

Bill interrupted: No, need. I am aware you identify as Kaeya Alberich. Kaeya puzzled yet still hopelessly charmed by such power. Bill: You … got to be …. Kaeya: What??!!!

Bill: The scoundrels who go my humans are just vessels who thinks they are unstoppable! Kaeya: Humans??? Bill: I guess us three dimensional characters are just playthings for these humans. Kaeya: No way so you mean!!!

Bill: Ah, finally you get it! Huh, ice - patch. Kaeya: Woah! Did you seriously just call me ice- patch. I am honoured jet also offended. Bill just shrugs and his all seeing eye happen to be shoved toward Kaeya. Kaeya examines and observes a massive iPad.

The evolution of the human species is noted in their eyes as such disgrace. Billions of vulgar and indecent things are placed!! Kaeya: No way!!!!! Bill: Welcome to my world or should I say the internet!!! Kaeya: I can’t believe people pair me with Diluc!! I feel really nauseous!!

Bill: How about we make a deal! We can both take control of humans and get rid of all this and I may be a aid to your Khaenri’ah battle! Kaeya: okay.. Bill: Oh, but in exchange you must help me to vapourise certain … BLEEP!!!!!!

Human: Oh come on!! Why is the video buffering!! I want to know what happens next!!!! Geezzzzz!!!! Slam!! The laptop has been aggressively shut!! The laptop blue light flashes and the video plays!

Bill: So, Kaeya do we have a deal?? Kaeya shakes the malicious blue fiery hands. Kaeya: We sure do!! Bill: Excellent! The two talented negotiators reached a deal! Bill grins and Kaeya smirks!

Human: WHAT THE!!! Next time I will record it I swear my laptop is possessed! The end or is it??? Stay tuned for the lastest yet maybe or maybe a post without these alpacas and maybe we might invite the pyro Phoenix. Oh, ah. Hi… Diluc I hope you weren’t stalking I ahem *clears throat* I mean protecting Kaeya… watching .. Argh, what you poker face!!

Oh don’t you even dare bring that claymore sword out. Don’t you dare!!!! Welp! I guess I will ask Kaeya to give me some cool aid to cool the amount of burns I will receive. Klee: Don’t mind the weird grown up!!! Diona: That wine scammer!! Argh Klee let’s go fishing.

Okay … to be continued and this is it!!! I am seriously out of breath whilst typing this. Literally. :) JK!!!

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