Heya, here’s a story about a journey of a laptop!
Heya, here’s a story about a journey of a laptop!  laptop stories

galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer
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Okay, this is a good story which took me a lot of planning. Got dared to write this and yeah here it is. I am back! (This is inspired by a real life situation lol)

Heya, here’s a story about a journey of a laptop!

It was morning. A little human’s laptop was taken for studying. An astonished expression appeared on the human’s face. The laptop felt really sad. So, it switched off completely like it’s asleep. Just a blank screen. A blank screen that reflects the pain of those angry fingers.

Those angry fingers that beats the living data of this poor overworked laptop. Let’s fast forward. Hold on. Buffering okay program installed. Program labelled: Cookies and ice-cream for laptops. Oh, and don’t forget those are outdated.

Now the journey begins. Sad laptop not working. Why? Well, the laptop suffered a program malfunction called breakup_exe. Yeah, basically all the lovely designer charger kept rejecting this one shiny, well programmed laptop.

Well, here’s the human’s information about this break up. The human has been running around for a charger but can’t find a match. How about putting this laptop out on this top 1000 laptops to be rejected! OR Posh charger charges out of data low laptop.

No charger fits. Laptop still blank. Plugs faulty. Human boils lava soon it will erupt like toxic mercury. Reminder this is not a science lab. Fast forward speed 1.5 Proceed video. It’s now 1:00pm. The human has been spotted with a charger.

Is this a perfect match? Find out in the ... This is not a reality tv show! Laptop weeps as it takes cookies and ice-cream digital ultra. Human: “come on work” Two minutes passed. It worked!

The laptop found a match! I guess chemistry has the answers ;)! So, laptops can be datable! Also, don’t leave a pair of charger at home! (Hope you all liked this funny story)

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