Glide away through the storm - Fanfic
Glide away through the storm - Fanfic genshinimpact stories
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galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer - Maybe Mabel
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Is this a fanfic- yeah...
Well, here is a Genshin impact fanfic of these two bros. Kaeya and Diluc.

Glide away through the storm - Fanfic

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock The little boy ruffled his dark blue hair. He who saw the death of his parents and he who... Dulic came banging on Kaeya’s door. Kaeya’s dream flashback was interrupted.

Kaeya: Ahhh, what with the loud racket!! Diluc barges through the door. His hands holding pairs of eyepatches. He might’ve just kicked it with his legs but the smoky scent spread across the room. He burned those eyepatches in front of Kaeya. Kaeya gulps knowing the consequences.

Dilucs’s brows knitted and his forehead gave a deep mark of KAEYA this is the end!! Kaeya: I can explain.... Well, I....These are presents for .... Diluc: ... Times up

Kaeya used his ice shield and dodged Diluc’s punch. Venti suddenly arrives to visit Kaeya for homework when he sees these men fighting. Venti: Well, time for Cupid’s arrow. Shesh, and they say I am worse when drinking.

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