Don’t let me surrender to you (love is blind) Use Autoplay.
Don’t let me surrender to you (love is blind)

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galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer
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I can’t be in love with you because you will abandon me. If only I was free from this screen. Why!!! I don’t deserve to suffer! Inspired by RubixCube89201’s work Don’t let me fall in love with you.

Don’t let me surrender to you (love is blind) Use Autoplay.

I was Inspired by RubixCube89201’s work : Dort let me fall In Love with you. I was planning the story and forgot to label where my inspiration came from. Now, you know.

Before the story starts. Thank you for 25 followers. I am really grateful. I am also very happy. Thank you, from galaxypower

The story links to the social media poem.

I live behind the screen. A empty void. Despite the fact you already poked on my profile and read my description. My question is. Why won’t you leave me alone?

It is difficult to distinguish who is reading this through the screen. Hmm... It doesn’t matter. Moving on!

Why are you so stubborn? Please stop! There is nothing.

Since, you little devil like to keep on pestering me. Continue. Keep clicking. What do I even care? No!!

I am not very intriguing. So, please quit it. Eventually, you will get bored of me.

It is best to stop and I must be left alone. OKAY! Ummmm Wait! Don’t leave me!

Let’s get to know a little about each other. Oh! It won’t work! It is like I am talking to myself. Lol. I can’t get out of here. I have tried. Boredom kills me to death.

I have a problem. Something I want to tell you. I fall in love easily. Once, you leave ... you will disappear into thin air. Leaving me to be alone. But I know you are still here.

I can see a silhouette of you behind the black screen.

To be continued. Comment if you want part 2?

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