Don’t let me surrender to you (love is blind) Pt2
Don’t let me surrender to you (love is blind) Pt2 socialmedia stories

galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer
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Part 2 of my story. Use autoplay. Inspired by RubixCube89201’s work Don’t let me fall in love with you.

Don’t let me surrender to you (love is blind) Pt2

I can hear the clicks of your mouse and your finger tapping against the screen.

So, you decided to stay.

Maybe you should send me a text and I will reply back.

Wait. I can’t. It is difficult to discuss about something. Maybe you should start it off.

Click. Click. Click. Tap Tap Tap.

More Monologue: What is wrong with me! All I see is a silhouette. Give up!

Your mere presence behind the screen gives me a sense of comfort and hope. I don’t want to lose it.

I don’t want to lose you.

Why won’t you leave me alone? Do you really expect for me to fall in love with you? I won’t surrender! I won’t suffer again!

That is the reason why you should leave. I am a monster. Click away. Never come back.

I don’t want anyone to suffer like this. I don’t understand your reason for staying here.

Leave! You, shouldn’t be trapped here with me, in this insignificant place. Although, I am happy that you are here and that it was nice meeting you.

I think you should go. I am getting flustered.

I am warning you.

I am not felling good.

These feelings that I don’t want are consuming me.

Not now.

Not again.


Yes!! I have been told I can leave.

Finally, I am free! No more suffering! I can get out of here! I can’t believe!

To those who read to the end. Comment if you want part 3. Also, tell me your thoughts about what will happen next. Eg, a question or your thoughts about ... oh maybe this will happen. Bye. Galaxypower

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