A breath of air: By :Lavi @galaxypower

                  A breath of air:

By :Lavi 
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We breath in air to live but we also pollute the air which destroys our Mother Nature. We need to stop polluting and appreciate our Mother Nature.

A breath of air: By :Lavi @galaxypower

PC: By Lavi @galaxypower

When I go outside, I inhale the fresh breeze. During the spring the air does a wonderful twirl as it swirls around me. It gently caresses me with warmth. However, the piercing weather during the winter changes to a delightful fair weather.

The rainy drizzles transform to soft sprinkles. The flowers emerge from the meadow. The hummingbirds have flown to the flowers in delight. They cheerfully drink nectar. The delicate roses are glistening and twinkling because of the dew drops.

I take my last breath and gaze at the clouds. If only everyone can appreciate nature and stop polluting our Mother Nature.

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