Why I Fear the Stars
Why I Fear the Stars stars stories

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Why am I afraid of the stars? Because they are what I can never be.

Why I Fear the Stars

Why am I afraid of the stars?

Because they are what I can never be.

They are the pinpoints of light on a dark horizon. They are the beauty in a barren land.

They are the millions of suns that every hero is to his people, and they are the diamonds in the ring she gave to them for love.

They are the words in the poet's masterpiece, and the song in the singer's ode to that which he treasures more than anything else.

They are the sight in a blind man's glazed eyes and the sound in a deaf woman's silent ear. They are the flowers in Night's garden and the ancient trees in Eternity's endless wood.

They are the whispered utterances of a long held secret and the brilliant roars of a joyful victory.

They are what keep the fear at bay, what bring calm to the restless sleeper, what creates the slivers of delicate dreams in a turbulent night.

Why am I afraid of the stars?

Because they do what I never can.

They are the desperate wish granted, the third and final request at last acknowledged. They are the millennia of endless toil and the bittersweet end to the near endless journey.

They are a lover finally reunited. They are the jewels no longer needed, because to hold him in his arms was more than enough.

They are the dream for peace and the denouement of seemingly everlasting pain.

They are night's guardians and the protection of the onyx palace, dawn's warriors and the fight for sunrise, twilight's keepers and her final rest.

They are the indigo kings that have led the way for time immemorial. They are the crimson queens that have smiled on harlequin galaxies since creation.

They are the crown upon His head and the necklace about Her neck, the rings upon Their fingers and the cloaks upon Their backs.

Why do I fear the stars, you ask?

Because they do not fear what I do.

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