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Hello! I thought if this,laying in this one spot :) I hope you like it!


by galaxyangel234

There were a few pirates that went out one day

Sailing on there ships into the next land away

There they'd buy books and put them on shelves

Not all pirates are bad said the little brown elf

Down to the waterfall for a night of good fun

The pirates watched there ship from here they think it's quite fun

Watching the stars

But then they started to run

"Wait,wait your stealing our ship

"We don't live in the town " As the ocean did a dip

"Well well how much do you want it for"

"Nothing that's our ship,we need it to get to our shore

"Fine fine,but you must leave now

We'll be on our way I'll see you soon pal

Pirates,pirates when they got back to there land

They sat by the beach with a special rock in there hand

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