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galaxyangel234 Hello!! My Wattpad: AliciaLynch1108
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I made this, to tell how some people take life as being awful or bad or stuff like that, but just think about it, life is good (I hope you like it)

Life is good

by galaxyangel234

Life is good

Just look around, every voice,every noise,there is a sound.

Life is good

But misunderstood, there are bad things in life but there are also good

Don't be mad if things don't go your way

Life is good


Alone, together or falling apart

Every person has a heart

Friends,family ,and even pets

There , there for you more than the rest

Be careful how you choose your friends

Because many friendships can come to an end

Life is good

Remember that will you?

Stay true, stay loyal, stay you

theres no one better

There's one thing I will say forever

Life is good

At the end of the day, after the storm.

A rainbow, will always form

This reminds me of how special everyone is

If your a baby, animal, adult or kid

Life is good

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