Country, Keys,And Karma
Country, Keys,And Karma stories

galaxyangel234 Hello!! My Wattpad: AliciaLynch1108
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It's just a little something I thought of, but I hope you like it (apologies to anyone named John)

Country, Keys,And Karma

by galaxyangel234

There was a boy

Who lived in the country

One day he got a horse

It was rather special but he didn't like it much

But on that same day

He lit a fire, which burned the horses leg

The boy was very guilty

but he didn't do anything (odd right?)


On that same day, odd things have been happening

That's when Karma kicked in

After many days

Of bruises, bleeding and trouble

His dad told him one day

You passed

He gave him the keys to his new car

The sun was going down

So he thought that would be a good time to learn a few things

He was very wrong

While doing this

He got very cocky and thought he could speed up

This is also where Karma kicks in

The car started spiraling

As the rain started falling down harder and harder

The car rolled down a hill

Right into his backyard

Right where the horse was

His dad came into the backyard

And found the horse, his son, and his keys

On the ground all lined up together

This boy's name,was John

Can you guess he horse's name?

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