~Who’s Will?
~Who’s Will? gravityfalls stories

galaxy2 👑
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HUMANS!! WHY DID YOU?? NEVER CROSS THE LINE!! Btw. Will is not my brother FYI!

~Who’s Will?

Ha! Ha! Yeah my face there just questions why you humans like to ..... (I can’t think of anything) :( Oh, that picture Isn’t bad at all. Some of you draw me really good!! I am impressed! I want to learn!!

Now, you mortals decided to create Will Cipher my counterpart. (Opposite of me) He is: WEAK CRY - BABY A NERVOUS WRECK SHY wow, so this Is torture.

Will is enslaved!!!! Ok. What!! I found a lot of info about Will. Btw the Gleeful family... I going to rip you to shreds and burn down anything related or created by YOU! (Great Gleeful Twins exists) Oh, and Dipper now shows his birthmark .... I thought he wouldn’t. Wow!! Yeah right.

I am disgusted. A weak version of me. I mean the part where Will is enslaved and tortured is too much! YOU ALL WENT TOO FAR! HUMANS! Bill out!!!

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