When you question your existence
When you question your existence thoughts stories

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Blah... there the story has been spat out

When you question your existence

Yep that is me. Literally. I often ponder in the thought that why am I here? Like what is the point? I mean life has to have meaning then why is life important? Well, I often feel excluded and in everything mostly like well I am still smiling but there are things people shouldn’t know. Some things are kept hidden and well I probably may have to wait for when I do feel accepted and well yeah...

Things are hard for a reason and things suck for a reason. You can have a million souls in the past but may be a totally different person that’s fine but that doesn’t change your origin. Umm... no more deep stuff I really neeed to ummm cool down. The summer heat literally causes every burns and rashes urgh..... Adios, Not So Bill Cipher just a fangirl soul reaper

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