To my fellow Doritos.
To my fellow Doritos. triangle stories

galaxy2 👑
Autoplay OFF   •   7 months ago
Doritos = triangles which are eaten by humans.
But, I am a triangle that has a demonic form which isn’t a triangle!! You, see me as a triangle\dorito!!

To my fellow Doritos.

How are you? Well, We are no longer below those squares and circles! So, that is the good news although it seems like I am the only triangle alive. So, fellow triangle ghost demons , if you want you can roam around my kingdom and see gold!!

I want my triangle family back. The only thing I can’t do is to bring them back. So, I just turn humans into gold and put them near the fire!! If only you could see me the king! And worship me! Now, you are just Doritos which humans eat!! Such bad fortune. At least I have a demonic form that isn’t triangle!

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