Time for a bit of fun!!!
Time for a bit of fun!!! drink stories

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An incident that happened and I couldn’t believe that the culprit was...

Time for a bit of fun!!!

Having a party and drinking brings the fun in life for me. So, I am going to share some funny, drunk stories that actually happened to me.

I was bored, sitting in my throne. So, I ran to find my bottle of Vodka. It was gone! My reaction; WHO STOLE MY VODKA!! Besides, the bottle was golden and had my initials so... whoever stole it is going be sorry.

So, I was questioning everyone that was near the scene. It turns out none of them stole it!! I screamed who is it!! Clearly, I was very frustrated.

Suddenly, a demon came up to me and saw the bottle on the floor. Telling me someone knocked it over and now the vodka is spilling on the floor. Still angry, I demanded to know who knocked it over. I came towards the bottle and saw a yellow and black tail.

Scratches on the bottle. It was my cat Zampher. Drinking my vodka. I couldn’t be mad at him. My previous cat. So, I decided to get myself another drink. Every since that day I have put a lock, so Zampher wouldn’t be tempted to take my drinks.

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