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Info about the cipher family / want more if you read this - comment the speech mark sentence.

SWITCH + general info

I am going to tell or expose something about my past. (Not me.) I have a brother called Will, he is younger than me and a little sister Jill. No Jill doesn’t know about this and Will he always listens to me. (Will is really obedient isn’t he) oh, well

I am going to tell you about Jill and Will the Cipher Family. They may be related to me. But no one can read me. Anyways Jill she always yells a lot. She carries a yellow umbrella and wacks it on my head when she is mad! Typical. She mimics me. Annoying!!

Jill also likes pinching or squeezing my or Will’s checks. I don’t like it. As the oldest I had a lot of responsibilities. My dad was harsh on me. I may seem like gold and powerful. But my parents weren’t very rich.

Every day I trained I had to do Labour work at a young age. My dad saw my power and became controlling. They didn’t treat us bad. Our parents loved us it’s the corrupt system that punished us. As I was near to adulthood, I wanted revenge. So, I destroyed the system and made my own.

Will always looked up to me! Little brother, he needs protection. It’s only me. Anyways it’s just a story. Want more say “Bill, give us more stories” Later humans!!!! Peace

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